Mia Gold is a Hot Wife

Marcelo had really hoped that his wife Mia had put all of her crazy days behind her. When me met Mia, Marcelo had just been of many trying to win Mia's heart. When he beat all the odds and actually married her, he had hoped that Mia's bed-hopping days (and nights!) were behind her. When Mia's ex Wolf showed up, all bets were off. Before Marcelo could say a word, it seemed like Mia's clothes had hit the floor and her legs were in the air. Marcelo watched in horror as his wife squirmed and giggled while being mounted by Wolf. He wanted to turn away but he couldn't; Marcelo found himself mesmerized by the sight of Wolf's cock dipping in and out of Mia's pussy. What was happening to him and his marriage?

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