Angel Del Rey is a Hot Wife

Angel couldn't understand what her husband's problem was. How was he not understanding her? She was texting him everything he needed to know! Angel finally gave up and tweeted her special hashtag, the one that brings the big black dicks to her door! If Jimmy wasn't going to give her what she needed (and let's be honest, there's no chance he could ever give her what she really needed) then she was going to have to troll the web until something awesome showed up. And Angel didn't have to wait long! What would she do without the internet? No sooner had she clicked "Send" then there was a suitable black dick knocking on her door! She thought she heard Jimmy going on about something but honestly Angel was too concerned with the prospect of getting fucked to be too concerned. She'd just have him send her a direct message via Twitter. She'll get back to him when she could!

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