Chloe Cane

Kade made a mistake many husbands are guilty of making: he read the private journal of his lovely wife, Chloe. When you betray that kind of trust, you should be prepared for a good mind-fucking of your own, and that's exactly what Kade got. Before, he only had suspicions about his wife. Now, though, he has concrete evidence that she's been spreading her pretty pussy all around town. What's worse than that? Hearing your wife come home with her new lover while you bawl like a baby for your crushed dreams!

Addison O'Riley

When Addison told her new lover Calvin about her husband's comically small penis and the funny little cage it lived in, he couldn't believe her. She was more than happy to have Jimmy put on a demonstration. They shared a laugh together as Jimmy bared his shameful dick. Not content to stop there, the two lovers decided to put on a demonstration of their own as they let Jimmy watch them suck and fuck all over the house. But Addison doesn't let Jimmy miss out on all the fun; he gets his own taste of the action here and there.

Coco Velvett

Billy is quite aware of his wife Coco's voracious appetite for dick, specifically her affinity for the long black variety. That's why it came as no surprise to him when he peered out of his window to see her riding their neighbor's dick like an Indy car. The sight is enough to inspire his tiny pecker and he begins fantasizing about what sex with his wife might be like (it's been quite a while since Coco let Billy near her sugar walls!) He can't hide from his wife's keen eyes, though, and she rewards his voyeurism with a taste of black dick that he won't soon forget!

Ashley Coda

When you have an ass built for fucking, like Ashley Coda does, it seems a shame to let it lie dormant for even a day. This is the reason she's taken on a few new lovers for some afternoon delight. Ashley's timing could use a little work, though. One fine afternoon, as her handsome bull was ready to spackle her crack, her husband came home for a little daytime lovin' of his own. Ashley managed to hide her lover, but there was no hiding the unmistakable bouquet of hot cock that emanated from her fine young pussy...