Selena Rios

All Cameron wanted to do was make his pretty wife Selena happy. When she told him that she wanted a baby, Cameron was beyond happy. But when his Puerto Rican wife Selena told him that she wanted that baby to have a black father, Cameron sunk into the deepest pit of despair possible. But what could he do? Selena was his entire life, and if she wanted a black man to put a baby in her, then he had no choice but to smile and thank her for letting him watch the conception! But Selena wouldn't leave her sissy husband completely out of the picture! Cameron had an important part to play after all: he was going to be the one making sure that black pecker was nice and wet for his loving wife!

Layla Sin

Danny was just sitting in his living room, minding his own business, when he heard his busybody neighbor Jimmy knocking on his door. Danny rolled his eyes and opened the door, fully expecting to get another earful of dipshit invective from his nosy neighbor. When Danny opened the door and saw that Jimmy was married to an impossibly hot Israeli woman, Danny forgot all about the drama and invited the couple in for a little sit down. Danny could see immediately that this poor woman was desperate to get a good shagging and, being a wonderful neighbor, Danny was more than happy to oblige her. While Jimmy ranted and raved about imaginary injustices, Danny seduced the beautiful woman in front of him and got her out of her clothes. If old Jimmy wanted to get his panties in a bunch about something, Danny figured he may as well give the man something worth while to bitch about!

Cindy Starfall

Quite honestly, Cindy could not understand why her husband Chris had a problem with her seeking out a real man to shoot a baby into her Vietnamese tummy. It was hardly a secret that Chris was a complete sissy; everyone knew. And, if Cindy were a betting woman, she'd be willing to bet that even complete strangers could see that Chris was substantially less than a real man. No, the man to put a baby in Cindy had to be hung like a horse and black: that's where Jason comes in. Literally. Cindy can't wait to feel Jason's huge dick stretching her out. She wants to feel the heat of his sperm as it's blown all over her ovaries. And she wants her husband there to witness it all!

Catalina Taylor

Are you ready for the Big Herc? Catalina certainly is, but AJ is beginning to have his doubts. It seems old AJ has been shooting blanks and pretty Catalina has been hearing the inescapable sound of her ticking biological clock. This, my friends, is a recipe for disaster. Not so for Catalina. She knows her sissy husband wouldn't say shit to her if his mouth was full of it, so she unilaterally decides to solve her problem with the biggest brother she can get her hands on. By the look of her bouncy Dominican ass prancing around with excitement, you know she's ready for that warm burst of cum to enter her eager pussy.