Yasmin Gold

AJ found himself in a bit of pickle: his hot Hungarian wife, Yasmin, won't stop yelling at him in her native tongue and he can't understand a single word of it. All he knows is that she's packing her bags. The only person who can help is his friend Tyler, a cunning linguist in his own right as well as being the one who turned AJ on to the foreign bride site in the first place. Tyler shows up in time to keep the lovely Yasmin from deserting her new beau, but he learns that the fissure in the new marriage needs to filled by a cock that's much larger than the thimble-dick AJ's packing. Luckily, Tyler has just the solution to the problem!

Andy San Dimas

Growing up in Sao Paulo, Rafael often dreamed of moving to the United States and becoming a movie star. While this dream never did pan out for him, he managed to accomplish the next best thing: he landed a job at a swanky resort where plenty of honeymooning Americans come to visit. Sure, he may never get to sit in traffic on the 405 on a hot afternoon, but he will get to ram his Latin cock into as many horny new housewives as he can. And to top it off, what could be better than having a rich American man sucking your cock while his wife begs for more of her taste of Brazil? Rafael's not complaining....

Lea Lexis

Jason has been a producer for longer than he cares to remember. He's seen them all; for him, there's been nothing new under the sun for quite a while. Then Lea's resume crossed his desk. He was smitten. She was a goddess, and he had to have all of her--a taste wasn't going to be enough in this case. When they met, he could feel her sexual energy exuding from her. She was going to be his own ticket to Bruckheimer-like heights. Now, if Jason could just convince her to lose that schmuck husband following her like a puppy...

AJ Estrada

When AJ ran into an old friend from her old village back in Mexico, her panties instantly dampened with memories. She had spent a fair amount of her youth with her legs spread for Wolf, after all. That's why she had no qualms about bringing him home to introduce him to her husband Satyr. She knew Satyr would understand when she once again spread her sweet thighs for her old friend's cock. And if Satyr had a problem, AJ knew he wouldn't protest. Her husband had never protested before, after all. In fact, she knew that he would be more than happy to lend her a helping hand, or mouth, if she so desired. When she was finally done getting her sweet pussy pounded, she planned on giving Satyr a very special gift for being such a loving and attentive husband!