Trinity St. Clair

Marcelo loves his wife Trinity almost more than he can bear. That's why it tugs at his heartstrings just a little bit when he watches her take yet another big black dick into her mouth without a moment's hesitation. Don't get him wrong; he loves seeing Trinity happy and he knows that those big black dicks can put a smile on her face like nothing else can, including himself. Marcelo just wishes that it was him putting that smile on his hot wife's face! But when you're saddled with a wee white willy like Marcelo is, then there's really nothing you can do. Except maybe trying not to choke when your wife shoves that big black monster in your mouth!

Zarena Summers

When Zarena finally decided to take a bold step and find a replacement cock for her husband's meager manhood, she did it in the only way she though to be appropriate: she brought her new boy-toy home and introduced her husband to his competition! As she suspected, her husband was not super excited about this new wrinkle in their marriage. But, as Zarena always knew, his sissy side got the better of him and before long he was offering to help Zarena reach the orgasmic potential she knew she had within her. What a sweet guy; maybe this sissy husband of hers will have some use after all!

Jennifer White

When Jimmy stopped by the university to surprise his wife Jennifer, her had no idea where to look. Thankfully he ran into someone who could point him in the right direction; not so thankfully, that direction ended up being a place where his wife was the star performer in a one-woman fuck show. Jimmy couldn't believe that his sweet wife was gobbling down cock like it had the cure for cancer in it. Even worse, he couldn't believe that the cock was black! Adding insult to injury, Jimmy's tiny white cock was a mere shadow of the giant phallus assaulting his wife. Faced with that grim vision, Jimmy finally understood why Jennifer had strayed: his puny white cock just wasn't doing the job!

Sasha Hall

Sasha was adamant: She was not going to be taking her future husband's last name. In fact, her plan was to have it the other way around completely. "Doesn't Chris Hall just sound so much better, babe? And that way, everyone knows exactly what kind of man you are before you even open your mouth!" And open his mouth he would, not just for Sasha but for the men she planned on bringing into their bed as she saw fit. In fact, what better time to start the spousal cocksucking than right here and right now? Sasha saw the way the notary had locked his radar on her ass. It was time to show everyone who was running this union of woman and man-like!