Cameron Canada

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Maia Davis

Color Maia unsurprised: when she heard the news that her husband Jimmy was suffering from a chromic and basically untreatable case of Caucasian Thimble Dick she knew she was going to have to find another option as far as potential baby-daddys went. Luckily for her, the doctor standing in front of her was the best in the business when it came to fertility. Specifically, he was damned good at knocking up white girls. That's really all Maia needed to hear! She pushed her husband aside, spread her legs and introduced herself to her baby's future daddy. That clit-dicked white man she called her husband was never getting near her pussy again. No, the good doctor was the one making the deposit today and Maia couldn't have been any happier!

Lily LaBeau

Lily wants to make sure her husband Kade isn't mad about the recent revelation that she's been spreading her ass around town. He claims to be fine with it, but he could be lying, right? The only way to know for sure is by introducing Kade's mouth to her lover's rock hard cock for a little demonstration of matrimonial solidarity. Or maybe she just wants to see her sissy husband go balls deep on the man she's been fucking...

Callie Cobra

Callie's husband is due to be in Vegas for a very important meeting day; after all, it's his big shot at rehabilitating his career as a mixed martial artist. However, the sissy can't seem to shake the feeling that Callie isn't going to be in the house all by herself while he's out of town. What a tough decision to face: get your ass to Vegas or get your shrimp-dick penis back to the house to check on your wife. What's a sissy gonna do? Simple. He's going to throw his fortune away in order to serve the woman he loves. What he doesn't know is that he's also going to be serving her very special house guest, too!