Asphyxia Noir

Johnny saw it coming from a mile away. He just knew that his wife Asphyxia wasn't going to be able to keep her clothes on around her ex-boyfriend Wolf. What Johnny didn't know was just how hot he was going to get watching his wife get fucked by her old friend. Johnny's dick got rock hard seeing Asphyxia brutalized by Wolf's big cock. When Asphyxia saw this, she did what Johnny was secretly hoping for: she invited him to come over and help her enjoy that big cock of Wolf's. Johnny got down on his knees and looked into his wife's eyes. He loved Asphyxia and he couldn't believe that she finally let him join in on the fun she was always having without him!

Tori Lux

Tino had a sinking feeling in his stomach when the camera crew followed him to his house. The producer told him that his wife Tori was, at that very moment, preparing to have her pretty pussy stuffed full of black meat. If Tino had been a real man, he would have told the producers where they could stick their cameras. Since he is who is, the producers decided on the camera placement. They plan on an award-winning close-up of Tino's sad mug when he sees his wife balls deep with a strange black man...

Callie Cyprus

Eric always felt like such a beta when his wife had him fill in for her vacationing secretary. Callie treated him like a second-class citizen while they were at the office, which was bad enough, but the thing that really drove Eric crazy was the parade of hot guys that seemed to be his wife's exclusive clientele. They all emerged from Callie's office with smiles on their faces; why couldn't Callie put a smile on her husband's face for once? Maybe just a little peek into her office while she was working, to see what her secret was. What's the worst that could happen?

Aria Aspen

Jimmy was right to be afraid of the criminal his wife Aria had brought into their home. She justified it by citing her passion for her job as a parole officer. Jimmy just nervously followed behind them to make sure nothing disappeared into Devontea's pockets. What he should have been worried about was the fact that Aria was sneaking something into her soft, wet pocket when Jimmy wasn't looking. Aria loved nothing more than the feel of bad black man's dick stretching out her tight white pussy. Now that Jimmy knows about Aria's jailbird dalliances, he found something new to worry about: whether or not he's going to have his wife stolen from him!