Redheads Category starring Kadia, Violet Monroe, Marie McCray, and Scarlett Pain

What is it about watching your wife work over another man's cock so intoxicating that you can't stop thinking about it? Maybe it's the thought of her red hair bouncing as she bobs her head up and down on that huge cock that you can never measure up to; it's twice, if not three times the size of your pathetic worm you call a penis. Perhaps it's her pale, freckly skin? That hypnotic hair can range from fiery red to soft burgundy. But then again, you're a cuckold; watching her make love to a stranger no matter if she's a redhead, blonde, or brunette, the excitement that consumes your body is overlooked when she finally shoves that giant snake into your mouth.


Sexy Redhead wife Kadia had a little trepidation in her heart; she knew she would go as far as she could to save her house. It wasn't until that big black cock was tickling her tonsils that she realized it was going to be so much fun. She needn't have worried so much; not only did she get more sexual pleasure in one hour than she had received from her husband Scotty all year, she also got the pleasure of seeing her him lend a helping hand!

Violet Monroe

In her brutal campaign to humiliate her husband Les, Violet usually doesn't grant any kind of quarter. But today, she finds it in her heart to throw her sissy a bone. She wants her ass pounded while she sucks that glorious black cock. But as with everything in life, her favor comes with a catch: Les can fuck her ass as long as he doesn't use his pathetic excuse for a cock. Take what you can get, Les, take what you can get!

Marie McCray

When Jimmy broached the subject of adding a third party to the play pen of their love life, Marie enthusiastically agreed to it, leaving Jimmy at a loss for words. But, the cat was out of the bag and Marie wanted to start interviewing potential suitors immediately. And by interview, of course, I do mean fuck. The next guy to darken their doorway was the lucky winner of what lay behind those beautiful shaved beef curtains of hers. Jimmy found his trousers growing to be troublingly tight as he watched his wife engulf that tasty tube steak, and he wondered what it might be like to get a taste of that spicy dish himself...

Scarlett Pain

Scarlett Pain needs to pass her college classes, but finds that all that time she spent getting tattoos kinda got in the way of studying. What's a girl to do? Well, she can start by boning her professor. For extra credit, Scarlett gets her husband to clean up the mess her teacher makes all over her pussy!